PENNY RIBBONS (verna_danger_fo) wrote,


FINALLY! days off of work. last week i worked 7 days straight and it was GAY! and not in the "cute shoes! i love your outfit! let's go dancing!" kinda way.

yesterday Glenn and i spent just about aLL day together. we went to Plato's Closet to make some green. we had 2 garbage bags full of clothes each. at the fitting room mirror i gave him techtonic dance lessons. i'm sure everyone in the store thought we were wicked lame but whatever. GOTTA MAKE THAT CHEDDAR. and after all that they didn't even take any of his clothes! but they took some of mine. made $50 and immediately bought new jeans there. so at least i'm still in the +++. the rest of the stuff went to donation except for one hockey jersey near and dear to Glenn's heart. he rescued it at the last moment.

we went shopping for 6 hours around town. and ate. all we wanted yesterday were GRiLLZ. but it's not meant to be quite yet. we'll be getting them by the end of the weekend. *knock on wood* all my fashion decisions now are made by asking myself one question: can i break dance in this? skirts are out of the question. it's the men's rack for me.

later that night was RSC. again. ok really? i need to STOP going there! yea the DJ's cute but he has NO iDEA that i exist so what's the point? the Villains were the guest DJs there last night and the rocked it. we danced all night. then i did some yoga. and then we skated for pizza.

tonight is YELLE! man i'm stoked. maybe i'll go shopping for a new outfit later.
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