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26 November 2008 @ 10:11 AM
can someone tell me what it is about this time of year that makes me want to fucking die? the last time i was happy in november/december was when scott and brett were living here. we watched a lot of kung-fu movies together. and then they moved away. and i stayed here alone.

05 November 2008 @ 11:11 AM
damn it feels good to be a gangsta!

so there was this critical mass. and it was last friday. Glenn and i rode down to the meet-up but missed the ride by about 10 minutes. we tried to find the riders but failed. c'est la vie. we chilled at the pizza joint for a while before deciding to move on. on our way back home we found Tom the Brain and JT my fixie friend. they told us only 3 or 4 people showed up for the critical mass. JaJaJa. no wonder we couldn't find them. so we helped them pass out fliers for the alley cat race at the local christian university. we got any strange looks. once the business at hand was done it was off to prepare for the alley cat. we need costumes! we need flashlights! we need spirit!

oh wait.Tom called. he gave me 2 out of 3 clues. he woulda given me all 3 but i missed the ride so i needed to be punished. NEVER AGAIN WiLL i BE LATE.

midnight alley cat! it starts immediately with Glenn having bike problems again. i swear. lil homie has massive bad luck. his back tire was blown when we met up initially. which is weird because we rode to the critical mass earlier that day and it was fine. called bechtel and did a quick bike trade and were off again! at the cemetery meet-up we saw familiar faces. new faces. and faces i never thought i'd see there. Trigger was racing with the cutters. Chris Bell was racing with team Shift for Brains. Josiah was volunteering along with Naomi. and there were a bunch of the freakbike guys there. we have our map. we have our pencil. we have working bikes. LET'S GO!

at the first checkpoint we get separated. of course. glenn and i make a spazzy team. we catch back up ad head to palm beach island to get those out of the way. the bridge check point was the worst! i RAN up and down and up and down that bridge looking for the marker. finally got it and we were off again! knocked out the island and rode with Chris Bell. the first clue came in handy. off to the main land. most of west palm was a breeze actually. we kept running into Jane all night. the last leg of the race we rode with Jack the Bike Man. finished at O'Shae's. 16th place out of 42 i think. not bad for my first race. Eric came in 8th! he didn't even let me win. all in all fun was had. spoke cards were collected. and bikes were ridden. that's all that counts. jason sue eric and i all caravanned back home were i quickly showered and waited for eric to come pick me up in a CAR since i was dead tired from riding bikes for almost 12 hours straight.

DANGERBANG AiN'T NO JOKE. now normally i wouldn't be caught dead at a local punk rock show because HELLO! i'm not in high school. but eric's band was playing so ya know... hung out with the thrashers at first. bryan wants to throw a camping/skate party. i'm totally down. to bad he lives in loxahatchee. oz was there too and i think i offended him when i said "you hang out with a lot of little girls" but it's true. so eric didn't make a play list for the sleeparounds because we were busy walking the dog and cooking an hanging out and being wholesome. their set was kindofa disaster but in a good way. dangerbang were dressed up as... something? hookers and their johns? ugly chixs and their dates? i don't know. cecil as always rocked the house. at 2am daylight saving time rolled around and everyone tried to figure out if the bar should stay open for an hour or what. the bartenders said HELL NO! WE'RE TiRED. WE HAVE FAMiLiES TOO YA KNOW! and i was kinda glad. everyone went to respectables i think. erica and i went home. i'm too old to party.

yesterday was my 27th birthday. was anything else going on? i totally didn't hear about it. JaJaJa

30 October 2008 @ 10:10 AM
hair-O-weenies [
and last night was the freakbike militia critical mass and that was wicked fun. this ride was sponsored (sorta) by dr. feelgood's. that' a RockN'roll bar on clematis that some aging rocker owns. i forget which one. N-E-wayz. those darn freakbike boys need to stop counting on the city to do their part! somebody at city hall "forgot" to sign some paperwork or dot an EYE or cross a TEE or some shit. the streets weren't blocked of for us but that's fine. it used to be outlaw style anyways. remember? we would ride. say FUCK TRAFFIC! and just park our wheels and drink and dance and be merry. without official help. [rant over] eric ridgemont came out for this ride and so did "nice and cool" nicol. i didn't dress up cause i thought it was going to be much colder than it actually was. i shoulda. last night we saw about 200 chris martins JaJaJa. so because of the whole street blocking thing there were no cool contests or anything this time. so when we got to dr. feelgood's all we did was stare at each other. i watched people drink. glenn found the time to get mad at me. and then we rode back. all in all it was a success.

20 October 2008 @ 12:10 PM
jack can't hang [
there was a local punk show and i went. was that friday or saturday? i forget. but bechtel nicol and i skated before that and that was rad. our hesh sess soundtrack was arabic pop music coming our of bechtel's car. of course nic and i both fell off our boards cause we were trying to dance to the music. now i got some cools scars like a real skater! at the punk show my elbow was bleeding. the whole night made me feel young. in a good way. then a guy used the best pick-up line ever on me. so how far do you ride your bike? AS FAR AS I HAVE TO DUMB ASS. I DON'T HAVE A CAR! and then i heard a better line. wanna come to my come to my house and check out my monkey cages? WHAT? HELLZ YEA! so that's what bechtel and i did.

yesterday was the wiffleball drunkfest. sooo much fun. bechtel didn't go to that. i guess it was too much sunlight and activity. so it was me january naomi eric jason chris matt christen and a bunch of other people i don't know but were mad coolz. everyone brought a little sumN'sumN'. like food or MORE beer to contribute. i brought tube socks. enough for EVERYONE. even the dog. so i don't drink so that didn't happen and i think i was still one of the worst player. but everyone was too drunk to notice. i was on a team with matt christen eric and jason. how did i become a part of that crew? oh well. we won the first game by a lot! and we lost the second game by a lot MORE! JaJaJa. and i caught a ball high in the sky. it was my proudest moment. then after that we went to harry's for after drunken wiffleball celebration drinks. there was a balloon. there were pizzas delivered to the bar. there was foosball. and bechtel STiLL didn't go to that. or maybe he did. i left early.

and now there's this.

10 October 2008 @ 11:10 AM
FINALLY! days off of work. last week i worked 7 days straight and it was GAY! and not in the "cute shoes! i love your outfit! let's go dancing!" kinda way.

yesterday Glenn and i spent just about aLL day together. we went to Plato's Closet to make some green. we had 2 garbage bags full of clothes each. at the fitting room mirror i gave him techtonic dance lessons. i'm sure everyone in the store thought we were wicked lame but whatever. GOTTA MAKE THAT CHEDDAR. and after all that they didn't even take any of his clothes! but they took some of mine. made $50 and immediately bought new jeans there. so at least i'm still in the +++. the rest of the stuff went to donation except for one hockey jersey near and dear to Glenn's heart. he rescued it at the last moment.

we went shopping for 6 hours around town. and ate. all we wanted yesterday were GRiLLZ. but it's not meant to be quite yet. we'll be getting them by the end of the weekend. *knock on wood* all my fashion decisions now are made by asking myself one question: can i break dance in this? skirts are out of the question. it's the men's rack for me.

later that night was RSC. again. ok really? i need to STOP going there! yea the DJ's cute but he has NO iDEA that i exist so what's the point? the Villains were the guest DJs there last night and the rocked it. we danced all night. then i did some yoga. and then we skated for pizza.

tonight is YELLE! man i'm stoked. maybe i'll go shopping for a new outfit later.

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