PENNY RIBBONS (verna_danger_fo) wrote,

jack can't hang

there was a local punk show and i went. was that friday or saturday? i forget. but bechtel nicol and i skated before that and that was rad. our hesh sess soundtrack was arabic pop music coming our of bechtel's car. of course nic and i both fell off our boards cause we were trying to dance to the music. now i got some cools scars like a real skater! at the punk show my elbow was bleeding. the whole night made me feel young. in a good way. then a guy used the best pick-up line ever on me. so how far do you ride your bike? AS FAR AS I HAVE TO DUMB ASS. I DON'T HAVE A CAR! and then i heard a better line. wanna come to my come to my house and check out my monkey cages? WHAT? HELLZ YEA! so that's what bechtel and i did.

yesterday was the wiffleball drunkfest. sooo much fun. bechtel didn't go to that. i guess it was too much sunlight and activity. so it was me january naomi eric jason chris matt christen and a bunch of other people i don't know but were mad coolz. everyone brought a little sumN'sumN'. like food or MORE beer to contribute. i brought tube socks. enough for EVERYONE. even the dog. so i don't drink so that didn't happen and i think i was still one of the worst player. but everyone was too drunk to notice. i was on a team with matt christen eric and jason. how did i become a part of that crew? oh well. we won the first game by a lot! and we lost the second game by a lot MORE! JaJaJa. and i caught a ball high in the sky. it was my proudest moment. then after that we went to harry's for after drunken wiffleball celebration drinks. there was a balloon. there were pizzas delivered to the bar. there was foosball. and bechtel STiLL didn't go to that. or maybe he did. i left early.

and now there's this.
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