PENNY RIBBONS (verna_danger_fo) wrote,


and last night was the freakbike militia critical mass and that was wicked fun. this ride was sponsored (sorta) by dr. feelgood's. that' a RockN'roll bar on clematis that some aging rocker owns. i forget which one. N-E-wayz. those darn freakbike boys need to stop counting on the city to do their part! somebody at city hall "forgot" to sign some paperwork or dot an EYE or cross a TEE or some shit. the streets weren't blocked of for us but that's fine. it used to be outlaw style anyways. remember? we would ride. say FUCK TRAFFIC! and just park our wheels and drink and dance and be merry. without official help. [rant over] eric ridgemont came out for this ride and so did "nice and cool" nicol. i didn't dress up cause i thought it was going to be much colder than it actually was. i shoulda. last night we saw about 200 chris martins JaJaJa. so because of the whole street blocking thing there were no cool contests or anything this time. so when we got to dr. feelgood's all we did was stare at each other. i watched people drink. glenn found the time to get mad at me. and then we rode back. all in all it was a success.
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